Free Golf Clinic Aug 20, 2004
Given at future site of the Park Heights Community Golf Range and Family Sports Complex
Special Guests: Gov. Robert Ehrlich, Lt Gov. Michael Steele, and PGA Pros Frank Laber and Coleman Plecker















Morgan State University Hall of Fame Induction





Binx and Katherine Pugh (Maryland State Senator)





Misc. of Al Wilson













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1. Induction of Tim, Al and Binx into Morgan State University's Varsity 'M' Hall of Fame

2. 2006 Living Legends Sports Awards Banquet

3. NAACP Leadership Conference-2006

4. Cover of Woodholme Foundation

5. Al Wilson's Mentor Scramble

6. Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

7. Ruth Chris Steakhouse Tournament

8. Morgan State Alumni Magazine article about TeeMac's contributions to the annual Alumni Golf Tournament at Turf Valley Country Club

9. Ballantine Open Golf Tournament

10. Outline for the Johns Hopkins Univeresity Department of Real Estate Clinic at arlton Golf Club in 2007 and 2008 by Binx Watts, Head Professional Johns Hopkins Clinic

11. In Support of Our Troops Golf Clinic and Tournament at Ft. Meade Golf Courses

12. TeeMac Golf Inner City Park Heights Junior Golf Clinic

13. Al Wilson's family

14. Binx Watts, Calvin Peete and Al Wilson

15. Camp at Pine Ridge

16. Junior golf tournament at Pine Ridge

17. Maryland/District of Columbia Minority Supplier Develop Council Tournament

18. Maryland Governor's Minority Business Magazine article">

19. CIAA Championship Golf Team

20. Carver High school Year Book

21. Kipp Carrera School

22. Al Wilson and Coach

23. Tim McCready

24. Ron Terry and Al Wilson

25. Hospital Benefit Tournament

26. Dewayne Wickham institute

27. Mentor Scramble at Forest Park Course

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